Rohit Desai

Motivational Speaker – Coach –  Author

“From his death bed with double pnuemonia being told he had to call his family to say good bye, to motivating and helping people achieve their dreams, Rohit Desai helps emerging entrepreneurs and business owners gain more courage and confidence so they can transform their life and business to achieve their big dream, and leave their legacy.”


As a certified Master Life Coach Rohit is passionate in developing emerging entrepreneurs and business owners, and assisting them to achieve their dreams and goals. Currently Chairman of Southern Suburbs Hindu Cultural Society which is a non-profit cultural organisation where we do cultural activities and feeding projects, winter collection drive, free health day. He is a Registered Member of Comensa (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). Rohit has a buy one give back policy where he mentors teanagers in life and confidence, and is the appointed co-coordinator through Comensa at Ikamva Youth Development Centre and the Coordinator of IKAMVA Youth Development Centre.

His professional career started out in the corporate arena as he quickly rose to Senior Planning and Purchasing Manager for the multi-national corporation – Revlon Inc in South Africa. Has worked for 12 years as a Director for a retail business. This has given Rohit decades of business experience working in both big and small companies. 

After finishing his MBA he realised he had a passion for life and business coaching. He started to coach his staff at work, and soon learned this was his passion and he left to build his own business as a Confidence Building Life and Business Coach.

Professional Qualifications:

  •  BSc (Bachelor of Science Degree) (Gujarat University)
  •  MBA (Master of Business Administration) (Milpark Business School)
  •  Foundation of Corporate Coaching (University of Cape Town)
  •  Business and Life Coaching (Milpark Business School)
  •  Certified Master Life Coach (Transformational Coaching Academy)
  •  Certified Transformational Coach (Transformational Coaching Academy)
  •  Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner (Transformational Coaching Academy)
  •  Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (Transformational Coaching Academy)
  •  Mind Power Graduate (Robin Banks and Associates)

Rohit is also an active social entrepreneur and you’ll often find him doing underprivileged volunteer work in feeding projects and winter collection drives. He loves Cricket, watching movies and spending time with family.