What My Clients say about their experience

Rohit is a Star in my life and my life coach for life

“I have learnt a lot from Rohit Desai. He showed me to be positive and gave me lots of encouragement and motivation to be positive, work on my strengths ,face life and achieve my dreams and goals .He made me realise that there is no end to learning and it’s never too late. He said life is full of challenges and challenges are to be overcome. He gave positive affirmations to say every day which gave me renewed confidence and self-belief. Just as a few drops fall on a fresh flower its gives out sweet fragrance and make the flower shine like diamonds; that is what Rohit has done to my life .I was looking for answers in my life and to get guidance to show me the path to live a   healthy, be happy and to achieve my dreams and goals. He just did that as he pushed me from my comfort zone and to take charge of my life. Gave me lots of encouragement and motivation. He brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh and made me the confident man I am today. Together we devised an action plan which I diligently followed. Made me say positive affirmations every day and do a vision board which showed the life I choose to have. From the bottom of my heart, I really did meet my lost teacher, guru and elder brother in Rohit. He has showed me that the word IMPOSSIBLE does not exist; if you break the word up it would read as I “M possible. Rohit is a Star in my life and my life coach for life.


Business Owner/ Director

Enlightened way to courage

I have known and worked with Rohit for many years and in all the years I have known him what has stood out for me is his genuine concern and interest in helping people, so it was no surprise to me when he decided to study coaching and start a career in this field.

I have recently been coached by Rohit where he used NLP techniques on me.  I have been struggling with self-doubt issues for a long time and through recent coaching sessions with Rohit, I felt that I could now make some progress on this debilitating problem I have.  He got me to see the positive intention in the limiting belief I have. I will now work with these positive intentions and embrace them instead of continuously trying to push them away.  He also took me through an exercise of anchoring a really positive experience I have had so that I can always go back to that experience whenever I need it which was both wonderful and relieving to know.  He also took me through, what he called, Negative Emotional Therapy, which took me to an experience in my life of where I first felt my self-doubt.  This was a very insightful exercise which was very encouraging.

I do feel that these sessions with Rohit have helped me to see my self -doubt in a more enlightened way and has given me the courage to work through this issue of mine more positively.


Business Owner/ Director

Great Motivator and Mentor

I Motlatso Maredi, a mentee of Mr Rohit Desai. He has been a great mentor and has helped me in many departments. He has helped me know that even in the busiest of times, relaxation is required. He taught me many relaxation techniques such as meditation. The mudras he taught me are really essential to a healthy lifestyle. They help relax the mind and the body. I felt supported especially when he told me I should aim to get great results and not limit myself which I have carried and will use in my tertiary years. In my matric year, his mentoring has improved me as a person. I thought working hard was the only required thing but under his wisdom I realized a stressed mind is not of much help. It is better to focus on your studies but relax your mind in order to acquire more than you thought you could. He has been a great motivator and a great friend as well. Knowing his goals has taught me to aim higher and know how to prioritize essential information. The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from him for life is that as a person I should not aim to work under anybody but to become a business lady who will stand against socio economic issues such as unemployment. I personally find Mr Rohit Desai an important part of my life and find his mentoring very essential to my life.

Motlatso Maredi

University Student

Significant Role Model

Rohit was more than a mentor to me. He taught me how to plan my life with setting out the goals (long term and short term) I wanted to achieve. He believed in my ability to be more than I was yesterday than I am today. He taught me how to look at problem not only as a problem but an opportunity to learn and grow and thus being wiser at the very end. The wisdom that he shared is undoubtedly the rarest and very useful as I still use it today. He showed me that I am important in my life, but I should take care of the people around me because they are the ones that will appreciate my being. The most significant thing that he shared with me was how to allocate my time to what was most important to me because time is one of the most precious thing as the youth we have and to never give up no matter how hard things may get, and always set the bar higher than it was yesterday and look great while doing it.
I commend Mr Rohit for the significant role that he played in my life and I am truly grateful!

Thabang Renkeng

Wits University BSc in Chemical Engineering (Student )

Reaching to great strength and opportunities with confidence

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be part of your Mentorship program, which has made me grow physically, emotionally and educationally. I have gained confidence in myself to become the best person I could ever be in the future. You have taught me meditation tips which have been the biggest way of coping with school work, and treating my asthma which has been giving me trouble for four years. I have found the courage to turn my fears and weaknesses into my greatest strenght and opportunities. I, today have obtained my Bachelors pass, which is my key to unblocking my dreams. I will forever be great full to you, and I hope more people will have the opportunity to be under your wings, and fly higher with excellence. Thank you.

Bathabile Mdluli

University Student

An experience that moved and motivated me

I would like to extend some words of thanks for your beautiful and powerful presentation at the iZindaba Zokudla Farmers’ Lab that was held at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus. Shortly after your presentation we had a conversation and you gave me your business card.

If you may allow me some personal words I would like to point it that your presentation moved me, I was honestly touched and with your level of humor I was cheered too. You revived the spirit of excellence within me, I had long wanted to distinguish between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, I had long wanted to understand the underlying operational principles of these two. I can assure you that you had clarified what had troubled me for a number of years in just few words. I had a chance of fully understanding how the conscious mind operates but beyond that, I had gotten a chance of understanding how if one does not merge his/her own conscious mind carefully with his/her subconscious mind internal conflict is inevitable and can lead to the disturbance of their inner peace and restlessness. I for one personally thank you for this, I had extended my task into reading further on the operation of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind most importantly how can I merge these two concepts into one integrated concept that serves me to my advantage.

Furthermore, as a budding life coach and public speaker I had taken a few lessons for myself specifically from you and the way you conducted your presentation. I had learnt that as a motivational speaker one needs to incorporate humor into their motivational dialogue, you taught me how to regulate my energy during the presentation, you taught me how to structure my talk and select my words, you taught me interaction with the audience, you taught me connection with the audience and most importantly you taught me knowledge transfer through motivational means. As soon as I successfully establish myself I would love to work with you in the near future, I am hoping we can exchange contacts and have maybe frequent communication through mail.

Yours motivated

Peter Ronald Mlangeni

Chemical Engineering Process, Energy & Environmental Technology Station (PEETS)

Ikamva Youth Development Centre

The workshop helped me change the way I think about myself and also helped me chase away all negative thoughts.
This helped me create a new image of how the future will be for me and to never give up and never give in.
The Presenter was great he motivated me a lot and brought a change and an inspiration in my life. The presentation was to the point and well managed.

Camilla Dube

Grade 11 Student

Ikamva Youth Development Centre

Through the workshop I now know that a positive attitude and showing Gratitude as well as Positive Thoughts helps us to get through your day. The workshop helped me a lot to boost my confidence and view things in life in a different way now. The presentation was encouraging, motivating and uplifting. It has lifted my self- confidence and boosted my self-esteem. I now feel ready for anything that is coming my way.

Lesage Layla

Grade 11 Student

Ikamva Youth Development Centre

The workshop was more than the word ‘’Motivational’’; it was beyond that. It opened my eyes and helped me see the world in a different way and yet beautiful perspective. I benefitted a lot. Gained some very useful skills and tips to help me have a fantastic life. Great, the presentation was fun n funny, very enjoyable as well as educational. It was perfect for me.

Hlengiwe Phiri

Grade 11 Student

Ikamva Youth Development Centre

The workshop was very exceptional. I have restored my hope and now I have new and bigger goals to set for my future. I have benefited from the workshop as I will not let my success define me but defining to other people meaning I will be leaving a great legacy on earth for people to follow. He was really inspirational, funny and a great role model.

Asemhle Godongwana

Grade 11 Student

Ikamva Youth Development Centre

I found the workshop motivational as I today a changed person with a better and positive outlook on life and I have been uplifted and I believe that I will be a better person now and in the future. I‘ve got quite a lot of information on how to deal with problems and I just had a new role model ‘’Oprah Winfrey. The presenter was very informative and presented well.

Liyemz Velaphi

Grade 11 Student

Farming Entrepreures at Izindaba Zakulda (UJ Campus)

I found the talk very Inspiring and Motivational. I found the Presenter very effective. His tone and movements were spot on

MORA D. MaIloane


Farming Entrepreures at Izindaba Zakulda (UJ Campus)

It was very inspiring and motivational. It made feel like a different person. Presenter was very AWESOME AND Motivating.

Morongwe Dhlamini


Farming Entrepreures at Izindaba Zakulda (UJ Campus)

Extremely inspiring and motivational, his words addressed my fears and my aspirations as a potential farmer. Thank you for the insight. Made me emotional and humble.



Farming Entrepreures at Izindaba Zakulda (UJ Campus)

I found it was inspirational as well as motivation, showing me not to look down on myself thinking that I am a failure in life; yet not, this was an eye opening talk. Well-presented and well done. Keep up the good work.

Lillian Gumede


Farming Entrepreures at Izindaba Zakulda (UJ Campus)

I found the talk very motivating. I felt like I should have attended and heard this talk before; I could have been somewhere. Yes indeed I benefited. He really motivated me and I realised that we need to have a good balance between Mind, Body and Spirit.

Mmathapelo Mpanza


Transformational Journey

My official journey with Rohit started on the 16th of January 2019 & started off with a big bang of positivity filled with great energy. To my surprise, he was able to maintain the momentum throughout our lessons. What greatly appreciated about the relationship was the respect for one another and synergy that was forever present.
Rohit helped me clarify my thoughts on my personal & career mind-shift and identify what I needed to do to move forward. He helped me see the bigger picture by helping me by laying down the steps I needed to take into grasping my desired destination in life.
He was extremely helpful in developing and managing my current situation while pursuing a new one. He honestly sees the best in you and helps you to build a plan for how to put those strengths and passions to work in one’s career & personal life.
I’m very grateful to have worked with Rohit and highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to better their lives – both on personal & career aspiration.

Tshepo Lodi

Sales Manager at Standard Bank


This Letter serves to confirm that Mr Rohit Desai is a life coach and confidence builder who has
helped my son Stefan tremendously.
Mr Desai has used the NLP Techniques and Minp Power Techniques.
These methods have helped Stefan in many ways to cope with life in general as well as more self –
confidence and control over his feelings of self – worth.
Stefan is doing much better now after having numerous session with Mr Desai and everyone has
seen the change in Stefan for the better.

Dr AS Strydom

Doctor GP

Inner Confidence

Rohit Desai is not just a life and business coach, he is a coach that helped me realise the inner confidence in me. The confidence that was trapped by doubt and unbelief. He is a mentor and a gover that through his mediation and exercise I have learnt to be confident. He is a mentor and a friend, a coach and a reverend. He has inspired many in overcoming their challenges. he could be one of the best motivational speaker in the world. 

Thabitha Kabale

Self Employed

My Guru

If only I had started this journey earlier. I have heard how important it is to have a mentor.  Someone that has more experience , more knowledge and more wisdom . I am blessed to have meet one of South Africans best confidence coaches . I thought I would have to travel far and wide to meet my Guru . Only to realise that we shop at the same grocery store. 
From the day I met Rohit , I knew that he was going to change me and make me a better person . I didn’t know how at first . It all starts with calming down your mind with meditation techniques.  As we breath in and out , I notice the stillness of my thoughts . Positivity in and negativity out , my mind is able to see things clearly. Inhale and then exhale , my problems seem to get smaller and my goals more achievable. 
In order to build a strong person we must first break down all his negative beliefs . Anything that brings doubt in your heart must be dealt with . Words carry power . The power to change the way you see yourself. The power to make you raise up even when you are afraid . The power to chase your hidden dreams and desires .
I am grateful to have you as my Guru , My Coach and my friend. Namaste

Victor Kabale

Medical Student China 4th Year

My Kilimanjaro Challenge for Underprivileged

One of the great things I get as a reward from being a mountain guide is to meet with different people around the world and we become a lifelong friend.

From the first day when I met Mr.Rohit and his team to climb Kilimanjaro I noticed right away this man is special person that any person who will become near him will easily notice that and how you notice that ? the way he talk, the way he see things . We had our 7 days trekking trip which was one of my highlights of all over 200 hundred trips that I have hiked, but this is one I will never forget in my life.

The reason why this trip was so special to me is the people that I met on this trip especially Mr.Rohit regardless his age {67 years} and health issue but he never gives up or low down on his mind and heart he was always positive to finish the mission. Even though to be honest climbing mountain at 67 years old needs someone special to have such courage.

I have been climbing with all types of people and ages but meeting Mr.Rohit was one of my life thing to learn that in any circumstance I should never give up.

On behalf of myself and my team I would like to say thank you so much for climbing with us and for teaching us.


Baraka S. Dalali

Managing Director at Kilimanjaro Nature Tours